Monday/ Dameisha outlet mall

These pictures are from yesterday after I had returned to Dameisha from Shenzhen.    It is an outlet mall here that suspended its operations a year or two ago, and has now reopened (for some ‘happy’ shopping as the first picture suggests).     There is a nice collection of stores – all the brand names such as Nike Adidas Samsonite Levi’s Gucci and more – but not many shoppers.    Earlier Sunday had been a nice day but late afternoon the winter monsoon wind picked up again making it unpleasant.

The goddess in the chariot is Venus – the Roman goddess principally associated with love, beauty and fertility.   I suspect the 2007/08 date on the plaque is when the outlet mall first opened.

P.S.  The shooting incident involving congresswoman Giffords in Arizona was covered for several minutes on the national news TV channel CCTV today.

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