Monday/ in Dameisha

It’s past midnight Monday night here but I made it in.  We made an unscheduled stop at Anchorage airport in Alaska to off-load a sick passenger (couldn’t find out what ailed him .. apparently these was no doctor on the flight, either).  The first picture is of Anchorage airport through the airplane window.  Snowy and icy on the ground but the weather was clear.   So from Anchorage we flew over Alaska, the Kamchatka peninsula and Japan.    I was so happy to see my driver still there at Hong Kong airport, this is now three hours after our scheduled arrival time.   Without him there – I could have A. taken the train to the border and hope to get a taxi in Shenzhen at 11pm : a dicey proposition.  B.  The easier one : walk into the Regal Airport hotel right there and arrange a pick-up in the morning.    The final picture shows the exit point from Hong Kong territory.   I am in a van similar to the one on the right in the picture.   Right after the picture was taken we tried our luck and used the ‘Hong Kong Residents’ lane, and hey, they let us through.

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