Monday/ shopping

The stout-hearted* little fellow in Pacific Place Mall is advertising the Nutcracker ballet that is in town.   I bought a shirt at Nordstrom and was shocked to pay $9 for parking in the garage downstairs (that should teach me not to spend 2 hrs at the mall !).    The parking garage is in trouble financially, since its use fell by 18% over the last 5 years.   So : will hiking parking prices help?  A tough call.

*Google’s translation of the Afrikaans word kordaat which I struggled to translate to English

The other picture is from Broadway’s new Panera Bread next to the Seattle Community College (I recommend their turkey and artichoke panini sandwich).   I bought some Sumi ink, brushes and paper at the Blick art store next to it – to try my hand at brush-writing in traditional Chinese.   Of course I will have to report how that goes.

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