Saturday/ Capitol Hill walk

It’s Christmas Day, but that doesn’t mean we all have to stay inside, right?  The streets were very quiet, but I still got some worthwhile pictures on my Capitol Hill walk.

1.  As far as I can tell the car is a Pontiac Silver Streak from 1948 or so;  2. The T-Rex is terrifying the humans, but it’s a tall tale at the Twice Sold Tales bookshop : there is no fossil evidence that dinosaurs and humans co-existed on earth; 3. Bottle-cap artwork at the construction site of the Capitol Hill Light Rail station (Jim Morrison of The Doors?);  4.  The digging for the station looks like it’s now 5 or 6 stories deep (see the faint yellow backhoes or scrapers far down?;  5.  Mr Squirrel was stealing bird seed.

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