Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

I go out to work on Monday morning
Tuesday I go off to honeymoon
I’ll be back again before it’s time for sunny down
I’ll be lazing on a Sunday afternoon
Bicycling on every Wednesday evening
Thursday I go waltzing to the zoo
I come from London town
I’m just an ordinary guy
Fridays I go painting in the Louvre
I’m bound to be proposing on a Saturday night
(There he goes again)
I’ll be lazing on a Sunday lazing on a Sunday
Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

From ‘A Night at the Opera’ (1975) by Queen

All the pictures are from the Sheraton Dameisha where we had an expensive Sunday lunch this afternoon in the Capri restaurant, which also allowed us to go outside onto the ocean-side deck and the private beach of the hotel.   A wedding ceremony was scheduled for later, as can be seen from the picture with the chairs on the beach.   (Note to self : the hotel has only 368 rooms, not the ‘more than a thousand’ I told my dad on the phone today).   The little fruit balloons I hold up in the last picture is part of my prize I won in a raffle contest : a free future Sunday brunch at the restaurant !

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