Monday/ X-rays at the airport

I’m at Seattle airport.  The hardest thing to do when I travel is to get out of the house.   This morning I had to consult the internet on how to pack a suit in a suitcase*.  (Turn the one arm and half inside out, fold in half, stuff the shoulders with a sock or two, put some t-shirts in the middle and roll it up in a tight bundle).

* Never had to pack a suit for my trips to China, but I will need one in South Africa. 

At the check-in counter Lufthanza swiped my carry-on bag (limit is only 8 kg!) which I was not happy with.   Airport security spared us having to walk through the full body scanner even though there were ones installed.  Maybe they’re still gearing up to full use.    ‘It’s for your Safety’ it says.  Yes, but the latest research shows the cumulative effect of exposure to X-rays is bad.   There’s really no safe dosage.  By the way – it’s the 115th anniversay of the discovery of X-rays per Google’s homepage (an odd anniversary for Google to feature on their homepage, is it not?) 

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