Friday/ CDs and DVDs .. where to?

I finally got this nice filing cabinet from Pottery Barn for my study – it was delivered last week.  The bottom drawer is filled with file folders (not visible on the picture).  Just to get all my DVDs in one place, I packed them into the top drawer on the left, and all my CDs went to the top drawer on the right.  But should I really keep them? And if I do, should they occupy this prime storage space?

Option 1 : Throw them out – not throw them away, of course.   I can take them to Half Price Books .. they might bring in $1 apiece.   If I had the time and patience I could sell them on Ebay I suppose, but that seems hardly worth it for all the trouble.

Option 2 : Keep them .. at least keep the DVDs and CDs I’m still somewhat attached to.   But I’m thinking I could make sure all the nice CDs are on my iPod, and then take them out of their jewel boxes and pack them into a spindle container like the one on top of the filing cabinet.    (And make the CD covers into a booklet?)  DVDs I could do the same with.

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