The skyline is of our twin city Bellevue on the ‘east side’ of Lake Washington.  We in the city of Seattle just say ‘on the east side’ for any city or neighborhood that is east of Lake Washington.   I took the picture from Bellevue Square, a nice shopping mall.    Hard to day if mall traffic is light or not given that I don’t go there regularly and it was a week night.  A new Microsoft store is about to open there – almost right next to the Apple store, no less.     And I’m posting a picture of the old logo for The Gap (on the left), a casual wear clothing store, and the new logo (on the right).   Management unveiled the new logo to such a storm of protest from customers that they ditched it and stuck with the old one.

P.S. Very heartwarming to see the Chilean miners coming out from 700m below ground, one by one.

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