Monday/ the big-screen TV has landed

I bought a new TV at Best Buy on Saturday and it was delivered at 7.30am.  Part of the deal was a free pick-up for recycling of the 36″ 185lb Sony monster circa 2002, replaced by the Samsung 55″ 1080p / 120Hz / LED-LCD HDTV that is 1″ thick and weighs 55lbs.  I love the Touch of Color glass bezel and it’s amazing, all the connections that have been built in.    What did it cost?  Do I have to tell?  OK – I thought it was a steal at $1,800 .. a price that would have been three times as much just 5 years ago, and down from $2,200 just a few months ago.   Best Buy’s geek squad will come by on Wednesday to connect the cable company’s HD TV box .. all part of my strategy to get myself to spend more time in front of the TV to relax.   I think I watch all of 5 hrs of TV a week right now.

P.S. I see the new TV needs to move slightly to the left so that it is lined up with the window above it.

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