Friday/ returning from Bangkok

The hotel’s swimming pool is where we spent most of Friday.    I will spare my readers the sight of my lily white body getting a little sun!  .. and then it was time to check out and make for the airport.    The blue placard is from the Democrat Party.   Remember the red shirt protests in May?  Things have settled down but there was another peaceful march in the streets on Thursday and the country’s political state is very much unsettled, still.

The rest of the pictures are of billboards on the way to the airport.  The Shingha beer bottle lion is my favorite.   We flew on an Air-Asia plane like the one sitting on the tarmac across from ours.   The flight went smoothly without delays – a welcome difference from the flight in on Tuesday night.   On that flight one passenger held the plane’s departure up for almost two hours.    There was a mix-up with his baggage, he claimed.    The end result was that he stepped off of a plane full of very irate passengers.   Sir!  We do not know your problem.  But SIT down! yelled some passengers. Others came forward and complained to the captain and the flight attendants.   All while the flight attendant call button dinged repeatedly – another way passengers showed their discontent.

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