Sunday/ tracking typhoon Fanapi

We are working today and next weekend to make up for the Chinese holiday Wed-Fri.   Here is another one .. typhoon Fanapi actually has made landfall in Taiwan.   ‘TV stations aired footage of branches being ripped from trees in Hualien and a lorry overturned while driving along an exposed stretch of road’ reports the BBC on its website. (I smile at the word lorry – perfect British English – but we call all of those trucks in the USA).

I posted a Google map that shows Daya Bay’s location (the red balloon)  .. for all intent and purposes* we are right next to Hong Kong.  *Such as – is the typhoon headed OUR WAY?

p.s.  The name of the new building in yesterday’s post is  Ocean Crown.

Severe Typhoon FANAPI
at 11:00 HKT 19 September 2010

( 23.3 N, 121.2 E,
about 730 km east of Hong Kong )

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