Saturday in Dameisha

I cleaned the apartment this morning and this afternoon went for a swim in the King Key hotel’s’ swimming pool.  Some of our team members stay there and could get us in.  Then I went for a walk around Dameisha.  The elephant is from the lobby of the Pattaya Hotel, a Thai-themed hotel.  (A harbinger of my plans to visit Bangkok next week during the upcoming Chinese holidays!).  The next picture shows my apartment building in the center.  Then I walked up to the OCT theme park close by to check in at the Starbucks (Pike Place roast with some Chinese, see?).  The industrial artwork of a flying horse (Pegasus?) is also from OCT, and charming enough to be worth a picture, I thought.

Finally, a cryptic name on yet another new apartment building under construction here.   The lettering running top to bottom on the right is English, believe it or not.  What does it say?  Need a clue? – Neptune.  I’ll give the answer tomorrow : ).

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