Thursday/ forty-nine

So, here we are at August 19, 2010 and it’s my 49th birthday.    Yes, I’m going for it! – the big five-oh.   There’s no stopping me! : ).

But first today’s stop at 49.  The card in my hand shows 七七  qī ​qī​  seven sevens  (equals  49),  written in simplified Mandarin.     I don’t have a cake here in China, but I plan to go to Hong Kong for the weekend tomorrow.  It  just happened that three of us from work made have plans to go to the fancy Felix restaurant on top of the Peninsula Hotel.  So we will have a toast for my birthday there.

And since I love numbers,  here are some references to the number 49 that I like :

* 49 is the square of 7 and is therefore the fourth squared prime number.
* It is the atomic number of indium.
* It is the number of strings on a harp.
* The 49th parallel runs between Canada and the USA.
* The 49th State of the USA is Alaska.
* The term 49er is the moniker of one who participated in the 1849 California Gold Rush, as well as the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers.

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  1. Thanks for the 49 letter message, Bryan .. a nice fit into 49 letters, the message. Looks like an old-fashioned telegram message. Remember those? We’re old enough to! 🙂

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