Sunday morning/ at Seatac airport

Yes, here he is, all smiles, the globe trotter waiting for his flight to San Francisco.  My flight to San Francisco is delayed slightly, but I should still be able to make my connection to Hong Kong.

Tip to summer travelers : allow one more hour to get through security.    The clock ticks and those screaming babies in their strollers and those first-time travelers with liquids hidden inside their maximum-size carry-on bags WILL trip you up and make you miss your flight.    What is going on up there? Why are they so slow? the people behind me kept asking.  Well – you are asking the wrong question, I thought.  Why did you get here so late?

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  1. hi Steve! Yes, I was there, but almost missed my connection to Hong Kong! I had to make a dash for the gate at the International Terminal because my flight from Seattle got in late.

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