Thursday/ at Hong Kong airport

I am at Hong Kong airport in the United Airlines lounge.   Looks like it is all systems go for an on-time departure.  The cryptic report below is what pilots use – it’s available from the Hong Kong Observatory’s website.    The website also provides a decoded version in plain language, shown below (click to make the picture bigger).   I learned a new unit of measure today : an okta, the international unit of measure for the amount of clouds in the sky.

The latest aviation weather report at the Hong Kong International Airport issued by the Hong Kong Observatory at 09:30 HKT on 22 Jul 10

METAR VHHH 220130Z 12014KT 9999 FEW015 SCT025 29/26 Q1006 TEMPO 14025G35KT 2000 +SHRA=

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