Wednesday/ go U.S.A. !

What a game! – this morning’s World Cup Algeria-USA soccer match, of course.  (I have no shame : I stole the first picture of Landon Donovan from the Yahoo home page.  It so captures the joy of scoring that goal a in the 90th minute).  Never say it’s over – until it really is over.

ESPN briefly cut to the Atlantic Crossing Pub here in Seattle after the broadcast to show the fans.  The pub opened well before 7 am in the morning.  Yeah!  Seattle is arguably the USA’s most enthusiastic soccer city.  Our own soccer team is called the Seattle Sounders. (Sounders from Puget Sound*, not for making noise! Or maybe it’s a word play on both?).

*An estuarine system of interconnected marine waterways and basins separating the city of Seattle from the Pacific Ocean.

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