Tuesday/ midnight at the Skycity hotel

A quick post because I have to get to bed!  I’m at the airport hotel in Hong Kong.  The border is closed this time of night so the driver will pick two of us up in the morning and we will go directly to the office.

The Asiana Airlines flight went well .. the stewardesses are very sweet : ), the seats are not quite as nice as the other airlines I have flown so far, but the food was great.   I took a snap of my traditional Korean dinner :  bibimbap which  literally means “mixed rice.”  Bibimbap is served as bowls of warm white rice, and namul  (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang  (chili pepper paste).    So I added the rice to the veggies, added some sesame oil and the pepper paste and stirred it before eating it.   (My dish had ground beef, I saw online it could have egg in as well).  Very good.

The second picture shows us as we are heading out of Seoul on the Korean peninsula to Hong Kong.   (South towards the bottom of the picture).  I will post a few pictures of the Incheon airport in Seoul later.   It’s compact, much much smaller than Hong Kong’s airport of course.  But very nice inside.

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