Monday/ at Seattle airport

I’m at Seattle airport’s South Terminal in the Asiana Airlines lounge.   People dress so strange, I thought as I checked them out on the shuttle train .. one guy had shorts and flip-flops on (I would never fly with flip-flops), another wore black aquatic toe-sneakers (like a glove, only for feet) – making him look like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Here’s a new sign that made me smile on the way to get my Starbucks coffee this morning early : for a ‘Designated Canine Defication Area‘.   Hmm.  1.  Defication should be defecation  2.  Could the sign not just say ‘Let your dog poop here’ ?.  3.  Not sure why a designated area is needed .. dog owners in Seattle are generally very good at picking up after their dogs.

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