Here’s a series of cell phone pictures I took yesterday on my walk down to the gym.  (I promise I will post glamorous Hong Kong like night-time pictures of Seattle at another time!).

From the top down :

Time to take in my Stradivarius to the violin shop?  If I had one I would surely not take it just any old violin shop! These famous violins were made in the ‘golden period’ in 1700-1720, and they sell for $2million – $3million at public auctions.

Construction continues on the Capitol Hill light rail station and tunnel.  Slated only for opening in 2016, though!

I have never stopped in at the Queen Sheba Ethiopian restaurant to sample their cuisine.

Traffic on the I-5 Freeway surprisingly light in the downtown area for a Friday afternoon but I assure you it’s heavy going up north and down south ..

.. so why not ride your bike to work, Friday being Bike To Work day?  F5 provides IT infrastructure to other companies, and just for fun I checked in to the ‘Now Hiring/’ on the billboard.  The one business analyst position available in Seattle says  ‘Experience with CRM applications, specifically Clarify is a plus’.  I have no idea what Clarify is or does, but now I am going to find out!

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