Thursday/ searching for my Chinese name

Seriously.  For our China work permit applications which we are finally getting.   Looks like Willem translates to William translates to Wēi ​lián (symbols below).

威   Wēi   which means power/ might/ prestige

廉   lián   which means honest (very nice, I will try even harder to live up to my name !)

My last name is a problem, since there is no direct translation available.   I will call in the help of my Chinese colleagues.   A person’s last name is actually used to address the person in everyday conversation in Mandarin, and the last name goes first.  So a person we would know as Keng Wang will be  addressed Wang-Ken (pronounced in proper Mandarin it sounds more like Whung- kuhh).    So I have a little more legwork to do but I will let everyone know my full Chinese name, rest assured !

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