Thursday night/ finally home

Ohh, the little surprises that one runs into sometimes.  They can stop you in your tracks.  Like this one : I’m at my front door after 24 hours of travel across the continents and oceans of the globe.. then I discover that my house key is in China and that I don’t have access to a spare key!  I had to wait awhile before my very good friend Bryan could come to the rescue, but all’s well that ends well.  During the time I sat on the steps of my porch, a 2010 US Census worker stopped by twice, wanted to know if I knew where my neighbors were, they haven’t sent in their census form.   (I didn’t know, of course.  Looks like the track people down physically if you haven’t sent in your questionnaire).

The new lawn is sprouting nicely, so nicely that it needs immediate attention.  I’ll deploy the electric lawnmower in the morning.

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