Thursday/ at Vancouver airport

Gate 44 at Hong Kong airport says ‘Boarding Soon’ for the Cathay Pacific flight .. and below that there is some artwork courtesy of Vancouver airport – all kinds of human-animal creatures rowing the boat (check out the beaver – his tail gives him away).   I think the artwork wants to say all creatures are in the same boat (aka earth).

Soo .. I was treated a little better by Canadian customs this time.   Good afternoon, Bonjour! said the guy when I presented my passport.   Thinking : Yes. Yes.  Don’t you speak Canadian French to me,  just stamp the passport.  : )  Besides dealing with customs, this Canadian connection is a hassle, because I had to check in again at Alaska Airlines to get to Seattle.   It’s a 40 min noisy propeller plane ride (exciting in a way – admittedly).   But they also have to transfer my luggage, which increases the risk of it not showing up in Seattle – so if I have a choice (it’s all about getting a fairly priced ticket)  I will not use this itinerary again.

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