Sunday night/ back in Dameisha

The ferry ride and bus ride back to Dameisha was much quicker than the way in .. but here are more pictures from the weekend.

I may not have seen all the new buildings on Macau peninsula and Macau island, but the Grand Lisboa casino with its bulbous base and tulip-like upper floors is just spectacular.  The older part of Macau certainly has its charms, but it’s not as enticing as Hong Kong; the drivers are a hazard to pedestrians and WILL NOT SLOW DOWN even if you are in the cross-walk with a group of people! and not as much English is spoken as is in Hong Kong.   Next time I will go for a day trip from Hong Kong.    There is even talk of constructing a causeway from Macau to Hong Kong, which will eliminate the ferries.

Pictures from the top down :

Grand Lisboa casino by day and blooming in shimmering neon and LEDs by night; the third picture shows the Grand Lisboa hotel alongside it; the building that looks like the Beijing Olympic swimming arena is an older casino; next is the opulent inside of The Venetian Macau with its football field-size gambling floors; the next three pictures are from the foyer of the Wynn : the metal artwork in the dome (the Chinese zodiac, see the rabbit, the tiger and the ox?) opens up like a camera shutter on the hour with a spectacular screen display, and up from below rises the Tree of Prosperity (and the spectators throw coins at it);  next up is the old part of Macau, arguably with more charm than the glitzy casinos! – the Ruins of the St Paul cathedral, sheets of pounded meat sold on the streets, traditional Portuguese custard tarts called pasteis de nata; cobblestone street; the A-Ma temple, one of the oldest and most famous temples in Macau, built in 1488, the temple is dedicated to the goddess of seafarers and fishermen Matsu and finally, a group picture of the Macau tourists.

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