Sunday morning in Macau

We arrived at 10pm Friday night on the Shenzhen-Macau ferry; this was after we left Dameisha at 4pm, so it was not easy to get here.   Next time I will go to Hong Kong and take the ferry from there.    I’m posting only one of my favorite Macau pictures and will post more tonight, it’s of the Macau tower viewed from the Avenida de Republica.  The tower measures 338 m (1,109 ft) in height from ground level to the highest point.  There is an observation deck with panoramic views, restaurants, theaters, shopping malls and walking tour around the outer rim (we didn’t have time to go up in the tower).  It offers the best view of Macau and in recent years has been used for a variety of adventurous activities.  We saw bunjee jumping from the tower albeit with two extra guide cords that keeps the jumper from slamming into the tower.

The casinos and new buildings here are just spectacular.  They slumber by day and come alive at night with giant neon and LED lighting and giant electronic displays.   We stayed in the Golden Dragon Hotel, not quite up to the Marriott’s standard, and the beds are extra extra firm (read : very hard!) but last night I slept on top of the comforter from the second bed which worked very well.

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