Tuesday/ more of Hong Kong

The dragon motif made me buy this little 24 carat gold tablet at a jewelry store.

Here are a few more pictures from my weekend in Hong Kong.

First, a quick refresher orientation of the Hong Kong area. Hong Kong Island is at the bottom of the picture. Kowloon (literal meaning ‘Nine Dragons’) is across Victoria Harbor to its north and west.  My hotel was on the Island towards its west, but the MTR (Mass Transit Rail, red dots) whisked me around, anywhere I wanted to go. It goes under the water, in tunnels under the harbor (thin red line).  The roads shown on the map that cross Victoria harbor all run across massive suspension bridges. (Note: this is an updated map from 12/2020 on Google Maps).

The street scene pictures were taken late on Saturday night in the Tsim Sha Tsui district in Kowloon. The little propeller fans were at New Years Fair in Victoria Park the  (northeast on the island).  The double-decker street tram with Chinese basket ball star Yao Ming is on the route that runs on the north of Hong Kong island.

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