Friday/ souvenirs

Here is an assembly of most of the things I brought back from this trip : Noritake bone China coffee mugs, Will Pan aka 潘玮柏 Pan Wei Bo 3 CD set made in Germany, panda bear (cannot go to China and NOT come back with a panda bear, right?!), Starbucks espresso mugs for Shenzhen and China, ‘lucky cat’ piggy bank (Japanese, not Chinese, though), ‘Cartier’ watch (Chinese, not French! hah), Year of the Tiger crocheted card, Starbucks gift in bag, cheap but beautiful bone China.  A modest collection, yes – no silk!, no jade!, no expensive China! – I’m too cheap!  Actually, my Chinese-English electronic translator didn’t make it into the picture and was a few $100.

Got my passport out to New York by overnight mail, I need a visa again, hopefully I will get a multiple-entry one this time.  Otherwise I just ran errands, picked up three weeks’ mail (90% junk mail of course) at the post office, and went to the gym.  It felt so nice to get some exercise.

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