Thursday/ at Hong Kong airport

No, I did not eat too much Chinese food while I was here! .. the photo is a reflection from a polished work of art at the airport.

My flight has been delayed by 6 hours, but that’s OK. It is so nice to be able to go home for a week.  Wednesday night, we stayed at the upmarket Marriott Hong Kong Sky City hotel, close to the airport last night.

My colleagues, carnivorous Americans that they are, couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into a cheeseburger in the hotel’s restaurant.  They talked about it with some of our Chinese colleagues already as we were leaving Daya Bay.  The conversation went as follows : ‘You should not kill animals and eat them, you should eat vegetables’. Response : ‘Oh, we kill the animals to save the vegetables!’. Oh boy : ).

I had plans of my own :  grabbed a sandwich in the hotel lobby and went out to explore the city with the help of the MTR subway system.  I will post a few night-time pictures of Hong Kong when I get home.  Night time there offers spectacular cityscapes.  At one point the train went through an out-worldly forest of 50 story-high apartment buildings.   The airport is out on Lantau island west of Hong Kong island, and it takes a while to get to Kowloon or Hong Kong and so it was already 10pm by the time I got there, and most of the stores were closing.  I should be able to come back to Hong Kong several times, though.

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