Friday/ at work

So here we are : our third and last Friday before we get to go back home.  From where I sit in the corner, I see a collection of long desks and chairs on both sides, where we are all working.  There’s a Chinese SAP desk calendar on my right, and today we all got little red gift boxes from a guy that got married.  The little box has a miniature pink teddy bear with a bow tie on the lid, and there are little pieces of candy inside.  Little bears and other cuddly creatures are used on labeling & cards & advertising to signal a warm and fuzzy feeling, much as is the case in the USA, but more extensively so.

My weekend getaway plan is to go to Hong Kong by bus with a co-worker – only for a Saturday day trip.   It would be so great to have a local person to go with! It’s intimidating to step into a bus full of Chinese people, feeling that they are staring at you (usually they are not)!  I have not even been able to find a bus schedule online or at the bus stop.   Without the bus, my next best shot at the moment, is to walk down to the Sheraton hotel and see if they can get me a taxi.

The whole team went to dinner last night at the restaurant that serves up baby pigeons as its specialty.   (Yes, I am horrible – I ate some baby pigeon as well.  It is quite good!).   The table has a lazy Susan, and they must have brought out 25 different dishes : roasted peanuts, spicy cabbage, jellyfish (none for me), fish with parsnip, a hot corn drink, beer, oolong tea, goose, noodles, green beans with garlic; most of it interesting, and tasty.

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