Sunday/ downtown 🏬

Here are a few pictures that I took on my walk around downtown Seattle today.

The Seattle Convention Center expansion is nearing its completion. This part of the Convention Center is called Summit, and the existing part of the Center a block away is now called Arch.
The new entrance to Pacific Place mall off Seventh Avenue is complete.
Will the renovations inside entice people to come in and shop, and will people come and watch movies at the theatres on the top floor, now that the worst of the pandemic is over? Time will tell.
These pop art installations are on the second floor. I believe the woman’s face is Roy Lichtenstein’s art. Lichtenstein was a leading figure in the Pop Art movement of the ’60s along with Andy Warhol. The L O V E letters might have been inspired by Robert Indiana’s 1970 LOVE statue in Philadelphia. Robert Indiana’s 1970 LOVE
Here’s the corner of Sixth Ave and Westlake Avenue. The McDonalds right here has been replaced with a Chase Bank branch.
Is access to fast cash better than access to fast food?
Look for the Space Needle in the distance.
A look up👆
Here’s the newly installed (re-installed, in a different place) Pink Elephant Car Wash sign. It is the smaller one of two from the premises of the now-defunct Pink Elephant Car Wash off nearby Denny Way. (The carwash had been a fixture there since 1951 but made way for high-rise condos and office buildings). Maybe they should have changed the ‘OPEN’ on the sign to ‘CLOSED’ before reinstalling it here. Out-of towners with dirty cars might think there is a carwash nearby.
The ‘campfire’ installation at the Amazon Spheres lends a little warmth to the surroundings.
Look for scooters and bicycles when crossing the bike lanes!
Another new Amazon building called Amazon Frontier.
It’s impossible to tell how much of the building’s floor space is in use, with the holiday, and with so many employees still working from home.   

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