Tuesday/ tennis at Woodland Park

The Tuesday & Thursday social tennis sessions for spring / summer at the lower Woodland Park tennis courts, has started.
I was the only one of the 12 in our group playing that wore a mask on the court, and it did not bother me one bit.
It’s impossible to consistently stay 6 feet away from your doubles partner, and we brush by the others as we change sides, or courts. Why be careless, now that I am so close to get my second shot of the vaccine?

There was blue skies and a high of 61 °F (16 °C) this afternoon. This is lower Woodland Park by Green Lake in its namesake neighborhood, with the soccer field on the left, with a dirt track around it, and several little league baseball diamonds to the right. The tennis courts are behind me. The shadows are getting longer, but this is only 6.18 pm. Sunset is still more than two hours away, at 8.26 pm.

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