Tuesday/ 15th Avenue

The light rain that we had on and off today, stopped for a bit, and I went for a walk on 15th Avenue at around 8 pm.
The restaurants lining the street are not yet open for any sit-down customers, nor is Rudy’s Barbershop.
The No 10 bus rolled by: completely empty, with its electronic sign saying ESSENTIAL TRIPS ONLY.

The little lights on The Red Balloon toy & gift card shop bring a little cheer to 15th Avenue. Across the street the QFC grocery store has boarded up windows (to protect against marauding rioters); but I see they are open longer hours again, 7 am to 11 pm. The food pick-up sign is for the Coastal Kitchen restaurant. Pick-up at most restaurants close at 8 pm. One wonders if ANY of them make enough money, to cover even half of all their expenses.
The T-junction by Uncle Ike (purveyor of marijuana products) is getting a makeover. Those orange & white barriers are also a feature streets where police try to keep protestors away from some areas (they don’t always succeed!).
The Space Needle in the distance, seen from 14th Avenue. Time is 8.22 pm, says the timestamp from my phone. Pacific Northwest daytime is almost at its longest, with sunset now at 9.06 pm.

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