Monday/ the tennis ball says: stop

Hard to miss, the tennis ball touching the windshield saying: stop!
This cool blown-up wall picture from years gone by in Seattle is in the elevator lobby of the 37th floor in the Seattle Municipal Tower on 5th Ave (went there to get my residential zone parking permit for my car). ¬†Unfortunately I don’t know the year or the location of the photo on the wall.


I’ve been wanting to do this for a long, long time, and now I finally did it: installed an old tennis ball on a string, dangling from a rafter in my garage.

My ‘new’ (used) Camry is bigger than the one I had, and now I do not have to wonder if I left enough room at the back for the garage door to close!


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    1. hi Dale-
      Thanks for the note! I’ll take a nicer picture next time I go to the Seattle Municipal Tower, and look for a date of when the photo was taken. -W.

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