Saturday/ Fremont Summer Solstice Parade

The annual Fremont Summer Solstice Parade took place today, in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.  Summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere will be at 9:24 PM Pacific Time on Tuesday, June 20.
It was overcast for most of the day and so the sun wasn’t really out in full force, but hey! we know it’s there, right?  Here are pictures that I took today, of the parade.

The start of the parade with the friendly sun ‘trademark’ of the Fremont Arts Council that organize the parade every year.
Look! Naked people on bicycles! The naked cyclists provide titillation for the crowds before the parade actually starts. Each year there are LOTS of cyclists, maybe a hundred or so.
Lots of sun balloons, fittingly filled with helium gas. Helium is named after the Greek god of the sun, Helios.
The Fremont bridge was closed for the duration of the parade. The bridge is a double-leaf bascule bridge that spans the Fremont Cut in Seattle, and it is actually 100 years old this year.
The giant earth balloon is a mainstay of the parade, and comes out every year. I hope it does not get too heavy for the earth-bearers by the end of the parade!
Nice hats, ladies!
A mythical sun-lizard or a sun-dragon? No motorized vehicles are allowed in the parade; it is pedal power only.
The band provided some lively marching music, with the rainbow sheaths on the trumpets a nice touch.
The Eiffel Tower (representing the Paris Climate Accord), with ‘President Trump’ fighting off the pesky ‘clean energy’ teaser with his golf club.
Here’s another President Trump, drawn by a ‘Secret Service’ agent. Some on-lookers could not resist the pink pillows, and went for it, kicking President Trump in the ‘rear’.
A beautiful parader – and a handsome man, with a red ‘lobster eye’ headband, is that what it is? 🙂 next to her – adding to the festivity with stilts, gold and red pom-poms.




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