Thursday/ souvenirs from Switzerland

I love to unpack my bags and dig out all the souvenirs, wedged in between my clothes.  On this trip, I just bought a few small things, resisted buying a Swiss watch or another Swiss army knife (I al-ready have one, anyway).   I eyed a beautiful mechanical music box called ‘1865’ made by Reuge, but at some US$3,000 it was out of the question.  

The St Bernard with the keg is hand-carved from sustainable Swiss limewood.  It was made in the village of Brienz that has a long wood-carving tradition.

The coffee mug is from Swiss porcelain manufacturer Langenthal, named after the town of Langenthal where its factory was established in 1906.

I also scanned in one of my train tickets, just to see what the turquoise and white patterned background would look like, enlarged : looks interesting, right?  I think the pattern would look great for bathroom tiles!


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