Wednesday/ arrival in Munich

My long overnight flight to London, and the short one to Munich both went smoothly.  London was gray and rainy.  There was a little turbulence on the flight to Munich, spilling the tea out of my cup and onto the tray (a storm in my teacup?).

This is at the gate at Cape Town airport, and we are just stepping into the Boeing 747 from British Airways. ‘One World’ says the giant letters on the fuselage (the airline alliance BA belongs to).
This is at the Heathrow Airport security checkpoint as I went from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5 to catch my flight to Munich. (A little unusual for the Brits to deploy cute little characters such as ‘Mr. Adventure’ on their signage, is it not?)
Arrived at Munich Terminal 2, and here making my way to the baggage claim and exit. I like the blue and yellow neon that adds a little color to the grays of the airport terminal.

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