Wednesday/ it’s a keeshond !

(Wednesday) I was waiting at the doctor’s office yesterday when someone came in with a cute mid-size dog in tow.  What breed of dog is he? I asked.  I couldn’t make out what the man was saying, but did not want to ask again.  And at home my on-line searches for dog breeds called cay-son or kashun produced nothing.

(Today, Thursday)  I find myself in another office building and purely by coincidence there is a dog book on the coffee table.  Alright! Let me see if I can spot the dog I saw yesterday, I thought.  And there it was : a keeshond.  What threw me completely off the scent was the Dutch pronunciation of ‘kayz-hond’.   In my native Afrikaans we say keeshond’ as in ‘leery’.

IMG_6289 sm2
The keeshond is a very cute dog.
IMG_6289 sm
Read over my shoulder to learn more of the keeshond.


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