Saturday/ immortal peaches

The weekend finds me in Hong Kong again, and these works of art are from a display in the Pacific Place II mall on Hong Kong island.   The artist is Qu Guang Ci, born in 1969 in Shanghai and currently living and working in Beijing.  The bunnies on the floor are really faces with bunny ears and are called the ‘The Bunny Guy’.    The second picture shows the ‘Immortal Peaches and Cake’ depicting Sun Wukong, the ‘Protector of the Peaches’ from the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West.    Eating them makes one immortal (which sounds very much like the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden!).     The man and woman in the Zongshan suits (also known in the West as Mao suits) are called ‘Standing On High’.   I am not sure what that refers to, and it is hard to read from their facial expressions what they feel !

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