Preparing for my first trip to China

I’m gearing up for my first trip to China for work.   I think I all have the important stuff all done and ready : my shots for tetanus, typhoid fever and diphtheria, my passport with visa, Visa card, wallet, business-casual clothes, computer, mouse, cord and China adapter, medicines, multivitaimins, Starbucks coffee, South African tea, iPod, Blackberry, camera, batteries and chargers, and extra business cards.

I leave Seattle on Mon Jan 4 at 7.30 am .. so that is going to make for getting up very early.   Plenty of time to snooze on the aircraft though!

Scheduled to arrive at 6 pm on Tue Jan 5 at Hong Kong airport where a van will collect all of us arriving from the USA and drive us to Daya Bay.

Seattle to San Francisco is 678 mi and will take 2 hours.  San Francisco to Hong Kong is 6,913 mi and will take 15 hrs (oof).  En route the plane crosses the International Date Line (meaning the date changes as one flies across it east to west, or west to east).  Crossing the IDL travelling east results in a day or 24 hours being subtracted (so the traveler repeats the date where he came from!), and crossing west results in a day being added. The exact number of hours depends on the departure and arrival time zones.  China time is 9 hrs earlier than Seattle (and the entire China squats in ONE time zone even though its territories extend far beyond 15° of longitude!).

Seattle-San Francisco-Hong Kong on United Airlines (click map to enlarge).

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  1. Baie interessant. Ek geniet dit om al die details te lees. Ek het so ‘n effense waardering vir al jou ervarings, want ek en ‘n kollega het in 1996 deur daardie deel van China saam met 2 Chinese agente vir 3dae gery met .n Toyota bussie en een aand in Shenzhen oornag. Geniet dit ,dit moet ‘n belewenis wees . Stuur maar nog interessanthede, daar moet baie wees.Veral oor die installasies.
    Oom Dif

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