Fourth of July 🗽

Happy Independence Day.

These are from my small collection of US stamps.
These coil stamps were still printed with engraved plates. Nowadays the vast majority of American-issued postage stamps are printed by using offset-lithography.

Flag Over US Supreme Court
Coil stamp Issued Dec.17, 1981
Perf. 10 vert. |Engraved |No Watermark
1895 A1281 20c Black, dark blue and red

Flag Over Capitol Dome
Coil stamp Issued Mar.29, 1985
Perf. 10 vert. |Engraved |No Watermark
2115 A1498 22c Blue, red and black

Flag Over Mt. Rushmore
Coil stamp Issued Mar.29, 1991
Perf. 10 vert. |Engraved |No Watermark
2523 A1878 29c Blue, red and claret
[Source: Scott 2003 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 1]

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