Friday/ try to stay cool 😎

Check out these charts from the New York Times.
There are lots of US cities with triple-digit heat index forecasts, but the hottest ones are all in Arizona.
(The second table is the same, but with heat index forecasts in Celsius).

Phoenix, Ariz.: Projected Heat Index for Daytime and Night Time
I’d think it’s impossible to cool down a house with no airconditioning if the outside temperature does not even drop into the 80s at night time.
[Graphic by New York Times]
Seattle, Wash.: Projected Heat Index for Daytime and Night Time
Here in Seattle I can still get away for now, without deploying my one-room airconditioner (I roll it out of the closet on its wheels and set it up in the bedroom for summer 😃). 
For now I open the upstairs windows at 9 pm and let the cool air in.
[Graphic by New York Times]

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