Tuesday/ here comes the heat 🔥

One of the longest-lasting and strongest June heat waves in years is revving up across the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.
The most intense heat first focuses on the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and New England through Thursday, shifting toward the Mid-Atlantic this weekend.
– Ian Livingston writing for the Washington Post

Here in Seattle we are hiding in the northwest corner of the USA. By Friday we will get to 82°F (28°C), but no more than that into the weekend.
Elsewhere, out in the southeast and northeast, a dozen states are facing an extreme HeatRisk (4 out of 4) with no overnight relief, into the weekend.
Philadelphia may see 100°F (38°C), Washington DC 97°F (36°C), and because of the population density in the northeast, about 70 million people are under these heat alerts.
As for the summer months that are still ahead of us, Ian Livingston notes in his report that ‘Global temperatures have been at record levels for a year because of both the El Niño climate pattern and human-caused climate warming. With El Niño having dissipated and La Niña taking over, global temperatures should come down somewhat in the coming months.’

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