Thursday/ Cybertruck deliveries start

The first Tesla Cybertrucks were delivered today at an event at the company’s factory in Austin, Texas.

Production is still ramping up slowly, and only time will tell what the true demand out there is.
Some observers even speculate that this is somewhat of a ‘halo’ product— one designed to draw attention to the brand’s more mainstream products: the Model Y, Model S, Model 3.

Here is some of what Andrew J. Hawkins wrote for technology website The Verge:
The event was uncharacteristically short for a Tesla party. There appeared to be far fewer attendees than were at the original Cybertruck debut back in 2019. After Musk went through some the features, including the truck’s bulletproof exterior and some of its performance capabilities, he quickly announced it was over — and then helped about a dozen or so of the first customers drive off in their trucks.

Not mentioning the price may have been a deliberate choice, because clearly those numbers were much less attractive than the prices we saw back in 2019. That said, customers are sure to be happy with the towing and acceleration capabilities.

The angular, stainless steel electric truck has long fascinated fans of Tesla, but its many delays have led some to question whether the truck would ever actually arrive. The production has reportedly been extremely challenging for the company, mostly due to the choice to use ultra-hard stainless steel for the exterior. Musk insisted the truck be bulletproof, which further complicated the process.

Cybertruck ModelBase PriceRange (miles)0-60 mphTop SpeedHorsepower
Rear-wheel Drive (2025)$60,9902506.5sTBDTBD
All-wheel Drive$79,9903404.1s112 mph600 hp
Cyberbeast$99,9903202.6s130 mph845 hp

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