Friday/ do better next time 😉

It’s cold outside (44°F / 6°C)— and here’s my car chiding me for pulling up at the Ellensburg supercharger station without giving it a heads up.

The message on the screen says ‘Next Time – Navigate to Supercharger: Battery will precondition for faster charging’. Precondition simply means the battery is warmed up to the ideal temperature for faster charging.
Charging at 79 kW, well below what the supercharger is capable of with a warmer battery, but that’s OK. I was only adding 50 miles or so to the 180 miles I still had on the battery.
The 90% charge limit on the battery (by the green line on the display) is what I had charged the battery to last night, which got me to about 320 miles.
For everyday use I put the charge limit down to just 60%, about 200 miles. I don’t need more than that for driving around the city in one day. Then at night, the charger at home put the miles I had used, back.

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