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In a 79-page filing, Smith’s team articulated its clearest case yet for Trump’s prosecution, repeatedly characterizing Trump’s false claims of election fraud as knowing lies aimed at defrauding election officials — from secretaries of state and governors to his own vice president, Mike Pence. Smith also indicated he intends to introduce evidence in Trump’s March trial that Trump stoked the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol and then used it to further his effort to derail Congress’ proceedings that day. Prosecutors say they will rely on Trump’s promise to pardon many of the rioters, his description of Jan. 6 as a “beautiful day” and his decision to record a song with some of the violent offenders imprisoned in the Washington, D.C., jail.
-Kyle Cheney reporting for Politico on Mon 11/6

Trump had one of his stupid ‘campaign’ rallies during last night’s Republican debate (one photo shows a large section of the stands at his rally that is almost empty).

If one reads just the index of Special Prosecutor Jack Smith’s now-published rebuttal of the motions made by Trump’s legal team to get the Jan. 6 allegations dismissed against him, it’s very hard to imagine Trump is going to survive all of this to stand as the 2024 Republican candidate for president. This trial is set to start in March 2024. Yes, it will go on for several months while the presidential primary elections happen. The images and evidence of the Jan. 6 violence will again be front and center on televisions with Trump in court, accused— with hard evidence to back it up— of being the instigator, turning a blind eye when the assault on the Capitol started, and in fact, trying to go there.

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