Wednesday/ more pointless debating 🤪

Tonight, the night after the 2023 elections in which the Republicans had lost most of the races that had drawn national interest*, there was another (mostly pointless) Republican Party presidential debate.

Two highlights:
Nikki Haley called Ron DeSantis ‘scum’ after he called out her daughter for being on TikTok. (TikTok is owned by a Chinese company and some worry it will use sensitive data from its user, such as location data, for nefarious purposes).
Tim Scott’s girlfriend Mindy Noce (of a year or so) made her first public appearance on stage after the debate.

*Lost Ohio Issue 1: Right to Abortion
Lost Ohio Issue 2: Legalize Marijuana
Lost Kentucky Governor’s Race
Won Mississippi Governor’s Race
Lost Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Race
Lost Virginia State Legislature, both houses

A New York Magazine cover from October. (Seems to me the chase is over even though the primary elections have not even started .. but the guy with the red tie is in serious legal trouble, of course).
From left to right, the little people are Ron DeSantis (governor of Florida), Tim Scott (US senator for South Carolina), Nikki Haley (ex-governor of South Carolina), Vivek Ramaswamy (billionaire), Mike Pence (Trump’s vice president) and Chris Christie (ex-governor of New Jersey). Mike Pence dropped out of the race a few weeks ago and was not on the debate stage.

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