Thursday/ another booster 💉

I scheduled an appointment for myself for a second Omicron booster shot. (The omicron subvariant XBB.1.16, known as “Arcturus,” has been listed by the WHO as a variant under monitoring since March 22. Experts say this variant has a higher transmissibility rate than previous strains but doesn’t appear to be more dangerous).

I bought a large box of old letter fragments with stamps on in South Africa, and had those shipped out with the books as well.
Here’s an interesting fragment from a windowed envelope, with an upside-down stamp on for ONE South African cent (equal to about 1 US penny in those days).
It was mailed in Johannesburg on Oct 12, 1961, and the message on the cancellation mark read ‘WIPE OUT POLIO’ (Afr. ‘ROEI POLIO UIT’).
Albert Sabin’s live poliovirus vaccine was recommended by the U.S. Surgeon General to be licensed on Aug. 24, 1960. This vaccine provided protection against Type 1 poliovirus. Soon after that, vaccines for Types 2 and 3 would be licensed. A 1963 vaccine would combine all three types.

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