Monday/ blazingly fast 🚀

Test results from The wired connection’s speed tonight is even faster then when I had tested it this afternoon. The wireless speed is 640 Mbps.  Fiber internet speed is symmetrical— the upload speed matches the download speed. (With cable internet, upload speeds are much, much slower than download speeds).



The Quantum Fiber technician hooked up my line and modem for my new fiber internet connection today. It is blazingly fast.

What is the difference between fiber internet and cable internet?

In a nutshell: Fiber is faster, more reliable, and generally more expensive .. but it turned out that my fiber connection cost per month will actually be lower than my cable connection’s cost.

Look for the very thin line (fiber optic cable) that the technician is connecting (he is holding two loops and a strand runs towards the ground). The core inside consists of multiple (say, 8) individual strands of optical fiber, each less than 10 microns in diameter— thinner than a human hair).
Here’s the modem inside my study. The hole in the wall on the left is for the fiber optic cable. (The hole on the right has the black co-axial cable for my old cable modem. Co-ax cables have copper or copper-coated steel cores). The flat white cable connects the Quantum Fiber modem to the Google Nest Wifi Router and Points for my mesh home network.

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