Sunday/ I want my eggs 🥚

Eggs are eggs. And people want eggs.
– Amy Smith, agriculture business expert

I had to go back to the Safeway (grocery store) around the corner for eggs today. They were completely out of their good eggs three days ago. Avian flu is partly to blame for the limited egg supply, but it also seems everyone now wants eggs from free-range chickens.
Observers say prices will still have to go up substantially before they will make a dent in the demand for eggs.

Americans consumed an average 286 eggs per capita in 2020, which means many people eat an egg every day.

Yay .. the eggs have landed, in my kitchen. Eggs are now $4.25 a dozen on average in the USA, double what they were a year ago. These bad boys cost me $6.59, but they are organic and from pasture-raised hens.

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