Monday/ the dog bus 🐶

Mo Mountain Mutts, a dog walking business in Skagway, Alaska, has gone viral on social media for its beloved dog bus.
Back row, from left: Yarrow and Otis. Front row, from left: Gumbo and Slade.
[Still from video by Mo Mountain Mutts]
From the Washington Post, reported by Sydney Page:
Mo Mountain Mutts is Skagway, Alaska, dog walking and training business, run by husband-and-wife duo, Mo and Lee Thompson.

A recent TikTok video of several dogs confidently boarding the bus on their own with big wagging tails was viewed more than 50 million times.
It documents the Thompsons’ regular pickup routine. At one point, the minibus stops in front of Amaru’s home, where he is seated in the front yard — clearly expecting them. From inside the bus, the Thompsons open the doors for the pup, and he happily leaps in.

Once entering the bus, the dogs typically sniff around and greet the other canine passengers, before climbing onto their assigned seat — which the Thompsons have trained them to do. Then, their harness gets secured, and the same process is repeated as the rest of the pack, about 12 dogs, is picked up.

The seats are carefully selected based on factors such as a pup’s personality, age and manners. Most dogs head directly to their designated seat without being guided.

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