Friday/ let’s play pickleball 🥒

A pickleball court is 20′ by 44′ with a 3′ high net. Serves go cross court as in tennis. One serve attempt only, though, not two as in tennis. Then there is a Two Bounce Rule: the return from the serve must be allowed to bounce before it is hit. The ‘kitchen’ close to the net is a no-volley zone from where no volleys may be hit.

Pickleball was invented in 1965 on Bainbridge Island, not far from Seattle. It is played on a hard surface with paddles and a hard plastic ball.
The game has seen a surge in popularity here in the city, with many tennis courts used for pickleball sessions.

It was a beautiful day (75 °F/ 24 °C). The amigos ventured out to play at the Miller Park Tennis and Pickleball Courts on 19th Avenue.
The pickleball court is the faint green line painted onto the tennis court (a brighter line for the back line of the pickleball court, can be seen on the far left). The net of the tennis court serves as a barrier between the two pickleball courts on it.
Somewhat shockingly— given its proximity to where pickleball was invented— Seattle does not have dedicated pickleball courts just yet.

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